Trying out a new character type

As a preface, I play the Android version on my phone and have toyed around with an Android TV box as well.

So a few days ago I got a brand new phone. Bigger, shinier, more bells and whistles! Transfered stuff from the old phone to the new, but didn’t notice that cdda and a few other things didn’t copy over before I wiped the old phone to trade it in. That oversight lost me my 2 favorite characters.

So now I’m wondering what are some of your favorite starting character types/starting locations and why. Most of my characters have been pretty low tech (rancher & horse archer were my 2 fabs) and think maybe I need to get out of my rut & try something new, so any tips of favorite starts would be great. Thanks all! :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Firefighter is a favorite. Also a camper set up as me, with my jack of all trades knowledge and a bunch of my personal survival gear.

Bionic Prepper was my go-to start character until I got the grip of everything (nowadays I tend to play with random characters). The character starting equipment and skill bonuses are very good, specially the integrated toolset, which saves you a lot of time at the start.

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Survivor, Wilderness / Camp Ground. Then shamelessly restart until I get a luxury RV. :stuck_out_tongue:

Blackbelt with Zui Quan (Self-Defense classes)