Character starts

I’ve been getting the problem of boring characters. So basically I create a character and the next time I open up the save I feel lost. Any interesting builds that give you the sense of progression? I’m not looking for anything hard. Just a normal character. Any other ideas?

Firefighter with a flamethrower. Fight zombies with fire.
Generally it helps if you actually role play your character. Dont do what youd do, do what they would do. Give them personalities, lives, hopes, dreams, a past. Make a character and let them write their own story.

Elementary schooler mod for character profession, maximun 6 str, flimsy and glass jaw plus No Funs mod.

That should be at least interesting to reach late game.

  1. Start a scenario that lets you have mutations at the start
  2. Start with genetic chaos (robust genetic optional)
  3. ???
  4. Profit
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