Fun playstyles/characters?

First thread (:
Well I’ve been playing for a while now and I’ve only found a few character builds that work

First is "Mad Max"
first I get fled riots scenario, go home mechanic, find a car and go city to city scavenging or upgrading my ride till I crash and die

The other style I have is “Punch-out” where I pick blackbelt and go nuts with challenges and ridding the world of zombies until I get brutally outnumbered or find a tank drone

Whats your favorite character build to survive in? or at least a fun one?

Genetic chaos herbivore mutant.

Gaining and losing mutations all the time keeps the game much more varied than it would be otherwise.

Arsonist - You are a brave soul with a mission: “Lit the world on fire”. You neither uses projectiles nor close quarter combat. The only weapons you possess are your matches and lighter, and maybe sometimes a fire cracker. Never shall you dirty your hands by engaging in direct combat. Jabberwock, triffid, queen bees? Fear them not for you can just lit a wildfire in the forest and smoke them along with it. Triller and hulks? Fret not for you can just smoke them along with the houses. Abused by NPC fellow survivors? Lit their house on fire and death awaits them.


Well I usually only play 1 type of character for personal playthroughs. And thats a hobo in a burning building with a mod designed to make the world hurt.

I have some amounts of fun with other characters, such as a demon-killer guy, but I dont find those kind of strong-early-game characters fun for too long because there is no challenge in them. Some wilderness starts are nice too, because its all about conservation and collection of items, and as a nomad space is limited.

Not sure if it still works, but I had a lot of fun back then playing as some sort of jousting knight. Awl pike, motorcycle or bike. Go around doing hit and runs on zombies and wildlife.

Also, another hit-and-run character, wielding the mighty chainsaw lajatang. It’s the only weapon I know which can cause a shoggoth to bleed, which, by the way, is acid blood. The fact that I found this out without knowing that happens is a tiny proud moment for me.