Sorry if I missed a discussion on this already - I used the search function but I couldn’t find anything on it. Also, apologies if I’m wrong about trunks not having items in them.

My two thoughts on them are that it makes sense for some to already have items left in them by previous owners and that they should be (e)xaminable, as currently the system for getting stuff in/out of them is a bit strange.

Obviously one of the problems with this is that it’ll mean a lot more searchable places/encourage checking lots of cars, but it could be that many are damaged or open (if this had a different symbol, it’d make it easier for players to see from a distance)

Well, it’d certainly be interesting if you could scavenge through cars to find loot. Definitely agree that it’d be important to visually distinguish between an empty and a full trunk; otherwise, it’d be pretty annoying to try and make use of this particular scavenging resource.

Yeah, if all open trunks were treated as already looted/empty then that would make it a lot more practical - perhaps it would be easier just to call them ‘empty’ though, even though it’s slightly unrealistic that you can see that from a distance (perhaps all trunks in the future are see through…? :p).

Like finding wrenches or even snacks. And very rarely, a jerrycan with oil.

Agreed, I think they should have pretty basic items in them, obviously with a small chance of getting a really stocked out trunk full of loads of supplies. You could also have interesting flavour ones, like a drug runners car or (more ghoulishly) dead bodies/bones/whatever.

It’d also help (I know RL’s aren’t really about helping…) players who want to stay out of the cities (which I find more and more fun to do now that there are buildings out in the wilderness) get some basics/essentials.

This would take a bit of coding, but perhaps sometimes when searching cars, you could open one and find a rabid dog or a zombie inside? Either old Fido was left behind when the owners got ripped out by zombies/triffids/eldritch horrors then began to starve to death, or the driver’s relative died and they thought a cure was on the way. Adds a nice element of risk.

Definitely! That’s a great idea - there could be loads of gruesome variations with zombie kids/dogs/whatever. It would balance out the looting suitably, and it’d also add a lot more tension, especially if they got a free attack on opening. Some trunks could also be locked/booby trapped to add yet more interest.

I’d like to open a car, and in the middle of nothing… OMG ZOMBIE TRUNK! And i can’t escape the motherfu""ing zombie, as he traps me in the car and all my flesh starts to cover the glass by inside. Mmm…

Zombies in cars in general/trapped in there would be pretty awesome (along with locked cars).