Open trunk should lead to loose junk

This is probably only worth minor and rare amusement but could it be possible to have items randomly drop out of the trunk if one pilots his vehicle with the trunk open? Or perhaps incur steady damage on the trunk door if it’s left open during drive. And block the line of sight. Or maybe just report a clunk sound in messages. “You hear clunk from behind. Perhaps you should close the trunk.” Clunking sound could either indicate the flapping sound of the trunk door or the sound of items falling out. If items were to fall out of the trunk, should the player be notified of it or should they just fall silently while the trunk door blocks the sight to the rear? Should a damaged trunk door open randomly during drive?

Not every vehicle has a trunk door. Some vehicles, especially player created, might just have a trunk at the edge of a vehicle, or even hanging off of the side of one. What exactly a “trunk” is can vary from vehicle to vehicle. I look at a car’s rear trunk differently from a trunk welded in place of a passenger seat. In which case, it might be a big box rather than something items are going to spill out of if a nearby door is open.

Hatchback v. Car (sedan?) too. A sedan trunk has a bit of an internal lip so small things can’t shift out, but yeah, raise that and it gets in the way. Hatchbacks would seriously throw off your aerodynamics if driven open, and there’d be nothing keeping your gear in the trunk, but they wouldn’t block sight.

Seems Fiddly for not a lot of benefit, IMO. Sorry, BeerBeer.