Trouble Making a Remote Flare

So I went into the JSON Files to see if I could make a quick and easy remote flare device by adding some flags.

The good news is it sorta worked: I threw the unactivated flare with remote mod and was able to trigger it to change into flare (lit) at a distance.

The bad news is that the flare doesn’t show any light or noise until picked up, and it uses it’s fuel regardless of being picked up.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem involving the remote modification for tools?

Here is the JSON code for reference:

“id”: “handflare”,
“type”: “TOOL”,
“name”: { “str”: “flare” },
“description”: “This is a slow-burning magnesium flare. Use it to strike the striker and light it. It will produce a bright light for about a half hour.”,
“material”: [ “plastic”, “powder” ],
“symbol”: “;”,
“color”: “light_red”,
“weight”: “128 g”,
“volume”: “250 ml”,
“price”: 400,
“price_postapoc”: 100,
“pocket_data”: [ { “pocket_type”: “MAGAZINE”, “ammo_restriction”: { “flare_nitrate”: 300 }, “rigid”: true } ],
“ammo”: “flare_nitrate”,
“use_action”: {
“menu_text”: “Strike the striker”,
“type”: “transform”,
“target”: “handflare_lit”,
“active”: true,
“msg”: “You strike your flare and light it.”

The activated version has not been modified.

I’ve tried distant smart lamp activation via remote controller some time ago (about a month or so), and noted that the lamp was described as “(on)”, but there was no light. But after turning the lamp on and off manually, throwing it again and activation via remote controller - it was turned on correctly and provided light.
So maybe there is a bug with the remote activation, which make it work incorrectly for the first time?

Now that you mention it I remember a Loooooong time ago there was mention of an issue related to distant light sources being activated remotely. Essentially it was an issue with the engines limitations…

Explosions are unrelated because they spawn a world event as opposed to swapping one item with another (Any light source is actually a different item, the activated version of the item that was ‘off’)

When the swap happens the item is just swapped out, but other than that the world effects are not updated.

It might be possible to create a light emitting world event similar to an explosion with no destructive power and having it take the place of the item. The disadvantage would be that you would not be able to reposition the item and would lose the item.

Thanks for the reply I will have to look into how explosions and similar world events like fire are coded…

EDIT: Thinking on this, it may actually be easier to create an entity instead. Similar to a Fungal Spore that has a speed of 0, emits light, emits sound, is an enemy/neutral to all creatures except NPC’s (Neutral) and your Followers (Friendly) and after a set number of turns self destructs with little sound and no damage.

Will need to look into this.