Tripwire Troubles

So, while this isn’t specifically a bug, I find it to be a somewhat hilarious over-looking of the developers. I’m referring to the tripwire trap, which is supposed to make you trip over it in a random direction and hurt you if you step on it by accident, which is does just fine. The problem though is that as with all traps in the game, if you try to disarm them and fail, it triggers the trap. This means that if you try to ‘disarm’ a tripwire trap and fail, your character will flip them self over it and hurt them self. I found this out when I had ran across a farm that had many tripwires, pits, and bear traps at it. Unless I’m not aware of what a tripwire actually is supposed to do, I think the tripwire trap should have a 100% chance to disarm, seeing as it should be extremely easy to deal with one if you spot it in time, especially with a sharp object.

You could imagine it as a very taut line. So if you screw up it breaks and snaps into you. But yeah, should be easier to disarm than most.

Reduced disarm difficulty (as distinct from boobytraps, which have grenades attached) makes sense, sure.