Tried to load a charcoal forge with coal, coal disappeared but forge is still empty

As it says in the title, I just built my first charcoal forge, as I assumed that the coal from a local home improvement store would work for it. I wasn’t sure if it would or not, but was pleased to see the notification ‘You reload your charcoal forge’, only to be a bit miffed to find the forge still has a (0) after it.

I’m probably going to just spawn in some charcoal, but someone should take a look at why this is happening and see if it can be fixed.

Update: This also happens when I use charcoal.

I was able to replicate this on 7185, both with coal and with charcoal. I could not find anything on github that shows this is a known issue and I haven’t the slightest as to what causes it.

I updated my game and am now able to reload my forge without issue. It may have been related to the fact that I don’t have enough inventory space for the thing, so when I reload it from the ground it pops into my inventory and then sometimes drops out immediately, but I tried that again and I wasn’t able to replicate that effect.

Now to begin forging swords and spears.

That’s good you got it working, but that’s still peculiar behavior. When I replicated it, I wished for the items and they did, in fact, spill all over the ground.

Still strikes me as an issue, as it does display the ‘you reloaded’ message without actually reloading.

Maybe this is similar to the bug where when you craft the last bit of water from a toilet into clean water, it disappears, but maybe not related.