Translation - What are those 'survey' things (camp, farm, garage...)?

Hi, I’m working on the argentinian translation.
I don’t understand what are those survey things on the overmap_terrain.
I haven’t seen them on the game, but in Transifex I can’t figure them out.
Maybe someone can help me?

Those are the maps that get generated in the faction camps when you send out an NPC to scout out a possible of your base.

Similar English words might be inspection, review, or scan, but it’s specifically used in the sense of evaluating land. There’s not really another word in English that has the same meaning. It’s the work a surveyor does - Google suggests that
topógrafo or agrimensor are translations of surveyor, if that helps any.

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Thank you, mlangsdorf
So it’s like a board with the map? I’m confused because it’s a thing on the game map and not an item…

No, those are the over map tile names, like “field” or “fire station” or “lab.”

For the faction camps, you expand your camp by sending out a surveyor, and that changes a “field” into a “farm survey.” Then you build some stuff there, and the tile name changes to “farm.”

Looking at how it’s used in the actual game, I think it would clearer if you translated “farm survey” as though it were “prospective farm” or “potential farm”, and same for all the others.

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Oh, OK.
Thanks for your help.