Performance in cygwin?

I’ve compiled the game on windows with mingw and cygwin. I much rather use cygwin but it seems the game input gets stuck with it. I hold “left” to move, and when I let go, my character keeps on moving for a bit, it’s proportional with the time I held it down.

On mingw I don’t have any problem like that, it plays smoothly and the controls are snappy.

I’ve tried running it in VMware with Linux Mint (Cinnamon) but there the screen tears a lot (i.e in the ‘V’ menu, doing down fast)

So, how do you guys play the game ?

I don’t compile. It runs ok on a windows 8.

Downloaded the regular executeable but got mod-excited and now compile with MinGW, it works fine with controls and loading times.

Ew Windows 8

I compile it with mingw and code::blocks, unless there’s a compiled Windows release that is completely up-to-date.
I like to see all the new features though, so it’s fairly rare that I use the pre-compiled release.

I haven’t experienced any input problems with code::blocks, maybe try that?

+1 for this

Code::Blocks can even Debug the executeable

Hooray for Breakpoints!

So no one uses cygwin ?

I used cygwin for a bit but it crashed quite a lot and it was generally terrible.(not to mention slow)

I’m currently using cygwin.

There’s problems with screen tearing when moving vertically.

The key input is indeed faulty. This has almost be disastrous for my character too many times now, particularly while driving, where if you hold 5 for too long your vehicle will perform half a dozen more “moves” after you’ve depressed the key. The same happens if you are walking when autosave kicks in. After autosave is done your character will keep moving for half a dozen times. You can imagine this can be disastrous. The only solution is to not hold 5, just tap it every second or so.

There’s also the problem with colors. What is brown in a regular windows DDA it’s displayed as yellow in cygwin, and so on. It takes a while to get used to.

And occasional crashes. But not that many as to become unplayable.

I tried code::blocks and mingw. It failed to compile with the former (something wrong with catacurse) and mingw managed to compile but it displayed the same errors in catacurse (so I didn’t play much with that version, just in case something was broken).