Too many CBMs are limited to right hand only

So now my character is almost filled with CBMs on the right hand while still having plenty of space on the left, but all remaining CBMs available either go on both hands or only the right.

I have heard that bionic size limitation isn’t actually implemented, but I want to play according to the restriction.

Of course, some CBMs might need the manual dexterity (fingerpicks?) and are better on the right, if the player is assumed to be right-handed. Others that don’t need it, like the aero-evaporator and water extraction unit, should be fine on the left. Or perhaps make them go on either hand?

I know it’s not a priority right now without actual penalties, and I can just install extra and pretend to have some on the left hand as long as the total limit on both hands is not exceeded. Maybe some devs already planned to fix it when the limit is to be implemented.