Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

what mods are you using ? could you post your error here

Oh no, I’m not talking about the in-game crafting menu or something, but the CDDA item browser site

Anyway, today it started working perfectly fine again after constantly giving me errors for multiple days straight.

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I’ve not really touched mutagens (except for the occasional tornado brew) so looking for some starter tips.

Is it a waste for me to craft and consume basic mutagens rather than serums, or is the opposite true and using serums when you have 0 mutations becomes a waste? Not exactly sure what their difference is, do serums have a higher chance of granting mutations belonging to its specific category? Higher chance of positive mutations? More mutations at once?

I can craft mutagens but still need a tool with fine distillation to make serums, though I do have some serums on hand from a lab raid.

As for which mutation branches I want to delve into, I’m thinking medical and alpha are both solid foundations for my character.
I’m playing with magiclysm and am currently a bit of a jack of all trades, I have good spells for both offense and defense, my melee, cutting and dodging is at a 4 (using Kelvinist flamberge with Ninjutsu) and my marksmanship and rifle skills are at a solid 6.

I really want to evolve the mana related mutations (have all the lesser versions) and would like to evolve my High Night Vision (evolved from a tornado before it was removed from experimental), Fleet-Footed and Quick for maximum sanic to stack with my Technomancer’s Bless and Synaptic Stimulation. Other than that I’m mostly looking for QoL mutations and those that help me survive/make me tankier.

Serums give more mutations per use, strain your body more, and can let you pass a threshold. You can start mutating with either mutagen or serum. I would recommend using mutagen until you are ready to pass a threshold, then applying the proper serum until you successfully pass.

This is a reasonable assumption, Medical is possibly the most OPed tree in the game and Alpha doesn’t have serious drawbacks. However considering that you are playing with Magiclysm and want to be a mutant wizard Medical may not be a good category to pursue, because medical decreases your max mana bar to 1/3 of its normal size and regenerates mana half as fast as normal. You could of course try to purifier dance it away but that is extremely tedious and may cause more harm than good in the end. Before mutating keep in mind that Magiclysm makes it hard for most mutants to effectively use magic with the exception of Plant, Elf-a and Alpha.

I thought I’d do some casual medical mutation without diving in super deep to avoid the negative mana traits.
Elf-A actually looks like it has a lot of fun mutations that suit my character.

I’m only limited to 1 set of threshold mutations and can more or less get anything else, correct? But my current mutations/traits make certain mutation classes more or less likely to appear, meaning it may be hard to acquire some specific ones if I’m already fairly heavily mutated?

Yes, post threshold mutations can not be acquired until you past a threshold and each character can only pass one threshold.

I may be wrong here, but if i recall correctly this is mainly a concern if you are trying to use regular mutagen. Specialized mutagen will always give you mutations from the tree on the label. If you want to become a heavily mutated abomination with compatible mutations from every tree you get your hands on, there is nothing stopping you from doing it (this might not be a great idea but if you know what positives you want and what negatives you are fine with you can mix several trees for your own benefit).

Also if you decide to go the hybrid mutant route you might want to cross the threshold first and then branch out into other trees as otherwise crossing the threshold may get difficult.

Question a bit unrelated to mutations, but I’m suddenly getting negative stamina regen when walking. Been fiddling with bionics so not sure if I installed something that messes with it.

According to the wiki regarding stamina regen calculations I should be in the clear. Just in order to go down the list:

  • I do not have a Joint Torsion Racket installed.
  • I’m neither too warm nor too cold.
  • My mouth encumbrance is 0.
  • I’m walking, not running.
  • I’m not over encumbered.
  • I have no mutations which should affect stamina regen.
  • I have no listed active effects like downer.

Wiki says the specialized ones highly increase chance but do not guarantee, however a lot of info tends to be outdated so no idea.

But yeah it’s probably wise to lock down a threshold sooner rather than later. Leaning towards elf-a but while its post threshold stuff is decent, it’s not amazing (though less sleep sounds pretty great QoL-wise).

Maybe you’re dragging a shopping cart with half a ton of loot in it?

do owlbears come back alive if not smashed?

How can I open a gun safe with a brute force? Pickaxe does not work. Can I use acetylene torch?

I tested this and came to the conclusion that this information is false. Specialized mutagen always gave me either a trait from its category or a mutation prerequired for other mutations in the same tree.

No, they are not zombies.

You can either smash it with a sledgehammer or apply either a jackhammer or pickaxe to break open a safe. Acetylene torches will not work here.

Does a reclining leather seat confer the same sleep bonus as a bed? The description isn’t very clear.
leather seat

I think I’d have figured out my stamina issue on my own if that were the case.

If I have 0 mouth encumbrance my total stamina is at a constant | | | | /
To test, I reduced my stamina further to | | | \ . and after running ~30+ map tiles worth of a distance the half bar became a full bar. So it clearly regens but way too slow. If I put on a light survivors mask bumping my mouth encumbrance to 10, that same distance reduces my stamina by half a bar.

Pic below is all the info I can think of to provide. All bionics are off.

Good to know, thanks.

have you tried taking all your armor off?, is the only thing i can think of, you are way to near your weight carry limit

Yup, doesn’t affect the rate at which my stamina drains.
Dropped entire inventory and unequipped everything except for my boots, rings and mask. I could run the exact same distance from my car before I lost an entire bar. And when I say run, I mean ‘walk’.

EDIT: Also like I said in my previous post, noticed this around the time after messing with bionics and mutagens, though none of them should affect my stamina. Got Phelloderm and Pain Resistance mutations, bionics you can see in screenshot.

Thought it might have been my health at first due to massive amounts of anesthesia and mutating my body but I’m perfectly healthy right now and it has probably been over 1 week in-game since then.

I started digging around my save file and found this:
"effect": [ "efftype_id", "winded" ] }, 31 ]

I looked at other saves and it doesn’t seem like it’s mentioned unless you’re debuffed by it.
So I’m permanently winded? I deleted the line but it didn’t help and after saving again, it came back to the file.

What version/build of CDDA are you playing? I remember about 1000 builds ago we had a short lived issue where stamina would drain while walking (i think this was shortly after the 6s-1s time change and stamina took a lot of adjustments before things settled down).

How do i change my graphical overlay of the overmap to latest one… Non alphabetical?

Experimental, 10583 yesterday and a few earlier versions the day before when my issue first came up.

Are there any save edits or console commands I can make use of in an attempt to clear up this issue? If anyone wants to go through the trouble of looking at my save file for oddities I can upload it.

Just figured out from your earlier screenshot that you’re playing ‘Aftershock’ mod (the kitchen sink OP mod where things removed from mainline CDDA go to die). You want to include that type of info in future requests for help given how much that mod (and some others) change the game-play compared to mainline/vanilla CDDA.

Good luck with that stamina problem, i’m going to guess it’s a weird interaction/issue with some of the cbm/mutations that your mods allow since i haven’t seen/heard of any recent stamina problems like this other than the one i mentioned from last year. You might check with the Aftershock info sources to see if anyone else has run into the issue.

Didn’t realize Aftershock messed with CBMs or mutations other than some crafting recipes. I’m more or less only running that and Magiclysm because I like my sci-fi and magic.

Going to pull out the bionics when I get the opportunity and see if it does anything, removing Phelloderm in the save file didn’t help.