Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


Where would I find zinc powder?


Rose asked “Is there any other way to analyze zombie blood for a ref. center doctor?”

Another hospital? I’m exploring one right now, and yes it was in the center.


What are Triffids like in the game these days? Scourge to get rid of before they dominate the map and destroy your bases and vehicles? Stable resource to be made use of in some way?

I got really lucky and have access straight to the heart area from a subway tunnel whenever I want to chop some wood wall down.


I have yet to see any Triffids in my game. LOTS of fungus, but no Triffids. However I suspect it would be wise to deal with them same way: Exterminate the infestation with extreme prejudice IMMEDIATELY, burning all corpses and infested ground, and then burning down the surrounding map tiles to be sure you got it all.


Fungus is super brutal. If I see any sign of fungus at the beginning of a game I just restart. Still playing with fungus enabled but it’s tempting to turn it off. Unless you want to play as a berry muncher for a run of course.

Edited: Aww you had to mention the F word, sure enough just ran into my first Fungaloid in this game. Kill it! Burn it! Burn everything!!!

Side note: What do you get when you’re planning a garden in a neighborhood with a FEMA camp and a sulphurous hill?


Ants versus Zombies


So two questions from my current game.

First, what can you do with a robot that has been turned friendly using a control laptop? There’s the passive / combat mode instructions the laptop gives you, but that seems pretty limited. Can I get ammo off them, deactivate and dismantle without them blowing up, use more like an NPC, etc?

Second question: found some superalloy in a couple of banks. What is it useful for these days, anything besides an armor option on a vehicle? Is it even a good vehicle armor option?



Put it into the MBR vest. It’s not as good as military composite, though. Same goes for the vehicle.


You can deactivate turrets with them blowing up, and recover the ammo, pick them up, and redeploy them somewhere more useful.

You can put friendly robots in a vehicle livestock stall and cart them off to other locations, and there may be other things you can do by 'e’xamining them, I’m not sure.


I could have sworn I’ve seen an option for this in the past, maybe I’m just overlooking it, but is there a way to disable warnings? When you see zombies or they start approaching, when you feel tired, there is a prompt stopping the flow of gameplay that I would personally like to disable for my playthrough. Is there a way to deactivate these warnings?


Turning off safe mode will get rid of the messages about approaching zombies, and critters.


Never thought of carting them like that, appreciated! Yes, at the moment you get nothing from 'e’xamining them (“you see the floor”).


I don’t have safe mode turned on, so that can’t be it. These messages pop up when I’m moving inventory around. I just hate spamming the ignore button 20 times per tile when I’m hauling items on the ground and a creature is nearby. Or when I’m reading a book and a zombie child is attacking me, I’d like to just keep reading without pressing No or Ignore to “zombie child is approaching/attacking, stop reading?”, if I’m confident in my character’s ability to dodge I don’t want to be bothered by these messages. Playing with the schizophrenia trait is a prime example of why someone would want to deactivate these messages, you’re constantly getting stopped by hallucinations. I feel like it would add substantially more risk to the game, not only because of creatures having their way with you, but also you would walk right into traps if you aren’t paying attention which is realistic. It’s almost impossible to set off a floor based trap unless you try to disarm it or choose Yes to “are you sure you want to step on…”


I have a question about engines’ noise. My motorcycle with v8 diesel engine makes 8 noise when I drive at 80km/h. It’s crazy because breaking a window makes more noise. Is it only “an illusion” of my character and noise meter lies?


Vehicle noise is a mess of confusion, but:

noise is the larger of:

  • speed in mph / 5
  • engine power in kW / 40 * ( 3 + load * engine_noise_factor ) + 5

where load varies from turn to turn but is between 0 and 1 and is usually 1/accel for a cruising vehicle, and diesel engine’s noise_factor is 15.

A diesel v8 is 242 kW, so you should be at the higher of 9 or 6 * ( 3 + .01 * 15 ) + 5, or about 23. A muffler will cut the engine term down by 40%, so I’d expect you to beg getting around 13-14 noise if you have a muffler.

How much noise should a v8 make at 80 km/hr?


A truly obnoxious amount of noise. Damn Harley riders wake me up at 2 AM every saturday driving by. Inside my apartment with 2 walls between me and the road it hurts my ears. Might be a deliberate modification, but still, it will be way louder than glass shattering.


Those idiots have probably removed their mufflers. Some of 'em do that just to be jerks.
It should not hurt your ears driving by on the street, much less with two walls inbetween you and them.


Not sure if it’s from a mod or what, since everybody seems to be saying you can’t craft CBMs anymore, but I found a book in a lab that did in fact allow me to craft subdermal armor CBMs using superalloy.


Do weapons with mods retain them, and their benefits, when mounted on a vehicle?


I don’t think you can install modded weapons on a vehicle turret.


I’m confused about funnels. I made a makeshift funnel and am trying to deploy it but it says “You can’t place a makeshift funnel there.” I tried putting some containers down first (glass jars) and then doing it, still didn’t work. Do I need a different container present? I’m definitely outside. Getting snowed on, in fact.