Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


Can’t really help you with that, I never really did anything with .json files so I’m not really sure what to do. Maybe try looking for 2by4s and other stuff that makes ash and check if they have any additional lines other resources don’t have?


Well I identified where the ash property is located. It is a line in materials right under wood (checking with other materials for possible similar property). This should hopefully result in a significantly reduced search time.


I remember a centrifuge, mr stem cell, and autodocs in labs. Also plenty of ash in particular rooms. They have practically everything. Also seen a room with numerous bots that was not the finale. And acid ants. And shoggoth swarm. Do tread lightly.

For vehicles a lighter frame with armor might be better than a frame without any, at least for less severe hits. Not quite sure how armor distributes damage. Players may be better served by designing for safety considering how efficient engines are. No sense in quibbling on weight unless the vehicle needs to be very light. Chances are the use of even one heavy duty frame mandates all the bells and whistles.


Tip: to get some nice military-grade ammo, break into a military bunker! Don’t use a military ID card, you won’t be treated as an intruder and no turrets will be deployed this way.
Break down a wall or hack a card reader, then step away and toss a smoke bomb inside. This is important because you can’t hack all the turrets at once and they’ll be shooting each other. Smoke prevents turrets from seeing each other. So, toss a smoke bomb inside and hack them all (6 of them) with a control laptop. You get 600 5.56 rounds for that and 6 inactive turrets.


Nice, a new(ish) Tips&Tricks thread! I thought this was stopped due to Kevin wanting everything to have it’s own thread, so it would be more easy to search for, but I always did enjoy browsing the old Tips thread and kind of missed it TBH.

Someone told me that the artificial night CBM also can do similar to what Rose explained above, but is much harder to obtain than a smoke grenade! I like the smoke grenade idea!


Nice, a new(ish) Tips&Tricks thread! I thought this was stopped due to Kevin wanting everything to have it’s own thread, so it would be more easy to search for, but I always did enjoy browsing the old Tips thread and kind of missed it TBH.

Not that I want to make life harder for Kevin, but I do think asking a simple question here means less clutter of topics that can be solved with a single sentence. And yeah, I missed it too.

By the way, aren’t eyebots a really simple way to obtain plutonium cells now? ( It might be due to Salvaged Robots/Modular Turret mods though) at disassembly you get a broken eyebot and the tazer thing, and the eyebot itself can be disassembled into minireactor, which I think is 5 plutonium cells? It really trivializes getting Power Storage CBMs.

Also, what exactly is the autodoc? I know its needed to install bionics now, but is it like the hospital computer that heals you or liquifies you? Or can you just pick it up and have all the bionics you ever want in your deathmobile, granted you have the anestesia to back it up?


The autodoc just lets you install CBMs. You can’t disassemble one and install in it your deathmobile, though, so keep track of which labs, hospitals, and doctor’s offices have them.


You also can’t craft CBMs anymore.


Then it has to be a mod ( Salvaged Robots most likely ) since I can get a tazer and internal minireactor that disassembles into plutonium cells.

Well that sucks. Though in the grander scope of things this should balance bionics out a bit more.


Is there a way to do vehicle operations quicker? (more specifically removing frames and that kind of stuff)


Get more skill. But no, removing frames takes forever.


NPCs should help you do everything quicker. They might need the mechanics skill though.


Apparently there is a hide recipe feature in the crafting menu. I don’t know how to unhide them. Please help.

EDIT: Nevermind I figured out how.


Yeah it’s the salvaged robots and modular turrets mods that do that to eyebots. It also makes all the broken cyborgs have expanded digestive system CBMs when butchered rather than random CBMs.


Why are there only 72 allowable mandatory overmap specials again?


Every overmap area is 180 by 180 tiles. Each overmap special is located in a square, 15x15, of overmap tiles, and half those squares are populated. That works out to 72 spaces for overmap specials.

It’s arbitrary, but as the number of overmap specials goes up, the space between them goes down and they become less special. Kevin prefers the current density of overmap specials and does not want to change it for the release version, but it’s easy enough to change (OMSPEC_FREQ in src/omdata.h) if you can compile the game.


I’m pretty sure “mandatory” overmap specials are only supposed to be used for things that absolutely must be present on the starting map or else a quest/starting scenario might break. Every other overmap special should be optional and just get generated as the map goes along, but it seems like every mod wants to make their stuff mandatory.


Are NPCs able to reload their gas mask themselves ?


Then I’ll just make some of the mod stuff optional.Provided of course that they are completely capable of spawning at all.


How do I have an overmap special marked as optional?