Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

In the save folder there is a mods.json. Just edit the mod in.

Also some questions

  1. Is there a point to safecracking? (i.e is there anything good found in safes?)
  2. Why doesn’t it train locksmith proficiency? As it’s seemingly impossible with devices above 5 as lockpicking anything takes seconds. And real life locksmiths usually know how to deal with safes, so it would seem logical.
  3. How do I prioritize using lockpicking (hairpins) instead of prying (integrated toolset/crowbar/etc)
  4. What is the point of books that allure to recipes in it, if there are no crafting recipes in it? (I guess PC is just too stupid)
    Like this one: 2XI design binder-CLASSIFIED - The Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Wiki
  5. How to make sheath/holster/belt loop first choice for storing things that fit there? Or even better, making it automatic for * marked weapons.
  6. Keeping * sheath/holster/belt open for only * weapons would be nice too.
  7. Is there any point for dissecting corpses in current builds?
  8. Why doesn’t ups conversion mod work for light amp googles/mp3 player? I get that factory made mod wasn’t made for mp3 player, why not add makeshift one that’s less efficient but works with anything.

Some tip from me, don’t get interrupted while depositing cash, your atm will eat your money. Edit, it didn’t. Just money from disassembling money bundles doesn’t work for ATM’s this seems wrong.

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  1. Go into your inventory & activate the hairpin. That’ll make sure you don’t pry it.

I meant when (e)xamining door.

A lot of these are things I’ve wished were in the game/wished I knew how to do myself
7. Unless it’s different in the experimentals (which I don’t play) dissecting things like zombie scientists is a good source of CBMs. In fact I found two pretty good ones last night through dissection
Unless I’m wrong, I believe it also gives you a better chance to get specific organs for crafting

Edit: I’m also pretty sure paper money is useless in the game unless you’re burning it
Don’t take my word for it though, that could be incorrect

Not anymore, I found answer in another thread.

And you can (now) deposit money from wallets at ATM with 1% fee.

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Oh thanks, I guess I’m glad I keep to the stable then
So not even bio operators in the experimentals? Maybe making CBMs a much rarer thing will be good for balancing the mid to late game?

Concerning the lockpick thing, I wouldn’t mind if it tried to pry the door first THEN lockpicked on the second interaction but yeah I really don’t like having to navigate a bunch of menus when I’m trying to pick through a few different doors
Same thing with holstering. The amount of times I’ve accidentally put a tin can in my holster just drives me insane

It just occurred to me. As the lore with bionics is changing to Exodii being the source. How do the zombies end up with them? Most of those people/zombies would be pre-cataclysm to have those. Unless the Exodii were around pre-cataclysm as well?

Also the cyborgs you find in the lab too brings up questions.

I think I need a refresher on the changing lore.

  1. There are occasional rare stuff in safes. You could find CBMs (probably no longer, though), artifacts (I think), good weapons (e.g. real katanas, as opposed to cheap imitations), and I think you can also find blueprints and hydrogen cannisters in them, although I’m not sure. The vast majority of them contain various types of junk (money, common weapons, gold, jewelry, etc.).
  2. As mentioned, for whatever reason, the game doesn’t ask you with 'e’xamine, but resorts to prying if that’s an available option (but it does pick locks if prying isn’t available), so you have to 'a’ctivate the lockpicks.
  3. This book should probably be removed as a result of the CBM background rework.
  4. It appears to retain very little use. It can train the Health skill very marginally, and I believe some zombies can yield “organs” that have some limited use. Given the CBM rework, zombies shouldn’t provide those at all (although I think they still do, to a reduced extent), and cyborgs don’t make sense (either alive or as sources for CBMs through dissection).

Does smashing down a safe also destroys the stuff inside it?

I believe abuse that’s able to crack a safe open also tends to destroy some or all of the contents, but I can’t swear on it (and I haven’t tried it myself).

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I usually just (w)ield the lockpick, (A)ctivate it however many times is needed, and re-(w)ield my main item (or nothing) when done. Actually, if I’m in a place that probably has more locks then Z’s, I end up walking around with lockpicks wielded after picking the first one.

IRL picking a lock takes both hands and mental focus. It makes sense that you’d have to empty your hands first to use lockpicks. But then (e)xamine works fine with prying, and using a crowbar to open up a door takes both hands, and sometimes feet.

Maybe each action that has a set of options could be configured by the user with a priority list? Maybe something like angband inscriptions? Sounds complex.

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Easy solution would be to remove ability to pry doors with pry quality 1, as this is my main gripe after I started to pick locks in seconds and I ditched crowbar from my toolbelt.

Well, you can’t pick the non existent locks of boxes, so working around the auto pry selection when you’ve got a crowbar type item by leaving it behind forces you to go back and fetch it whenever you encounter any boxes.

My preference would be to have 'e’xamine ask you what you want to do if you are capable of more than one interaction (which is what usually happens, but not in this case).

What should happen is that instead of giving the message tool doesn’t have enough leverage to pry locked door, a lockpick should be used as a fallback, preventing the need to scroll through the inventory screen at every failed attempt to activate the lockpick.

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Yeah exactly
I never try picking locks in combat anyhow so that’d be perfect

Integrated toolset has 1 prying quality, and it’s works just fine for crates (sometimes needs couple of tries) so you don’t need anything with prying quality at all in your inventory.
Btw how is Torso Aloy Plating Is not compatible with my body? Anything I can think of is that have slimy mutation and I’m 146 short.

I don’t think character size affects alloy plating, at least not if it’s not a size change resulting from mutations. Slimy, however, implies a skin that’s secreting the slime, and I believe the plating replaces the skin.

Funny that things that you find in tunnels are more useful than things in most labs. Anyhow how do I power it? Just carry UPS with me?

It’s probably mentioned in the section you have to scroll down to see (after having found out what keys the functionality is bound to: I haven’t managed to remember it). I expect it to be hard to get plutonium batteries, probably some large version.