Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

The bodkin arrow has the highest armor penetration. You might need a stronger bow. Which one are you using?

A recurve bow. I have a longbow too but I use a recurve bow due to higher damage

Then without using a compound bow, you’re already at the top of what you can make and use I think.

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Nope. Greatbows are… just great. Wood and compound versions for both fanatics.

@Wojtek94 Oh and yeah, how in the heck aren’t you damaging z-soldiers with bodkins and a recurve? You should at least take 1 bar of health away with every shot at about 6 tiles range, at least judging from my experience. Are you trying to snipe them? Arrows and bolts seem to lose damage as range gets higher.

there is a big difference between wooden bodkin arrows , and the metal ones. Well, unless you are using the greatbow, you could also use fire arrows, those havent been tampered in anyway, so they arent nerfed (same with the explosive ones, but those are dangerous), if you really like to use the boe, you could also use the expanded archery mod, it adds some neat arrows (like stunning and incendiary arrows)

Here’s the link for that mod if you’re interested :wink:

I guess I have a question:

Will I ever find love?

Only when you aren’t looking.

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Why sometimes any kind of grenade didnt explode after i throw it?

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Wow… that’s actually pretty deep.

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It either a glitch/bug or it wasn’t activated before hand.

Im always activated it, and throw it while peeking

Then definitely bug.

Have been having this issue as well. The timer seems to countdown properly when in my inventory, but often not when on the ground.


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Just worried it will explode near me lol, is C4 did the samething? Never try throw a C4 before

Does switching to ‘Running’ in combat make your moves any faster, but with some kind of additional stamina cost? I always feel like I get shots off quicker when I do it, but it could just be superstition.

Wait wait wait, we can throw things while peeking with x?

If you have brawling on while wielding a weapon, does brawling affect armed combat or do nothing?

Well, im succeed run and close door from 556 turret on gas station bunker when running