Tips on Raiding schools?

So i raided a school but wss probably stick there for hours just killing 1 enemy at a time. What are some AoE methods for the next school? I even used a rocket launcher(on my self) and it didnt even kill most of them. Dumb move I know, but the horde was pretty big

I have come to love chain lighting. Also Fencing and Aikido have defensive moves which means you can kill multiple enemies in a turn.

Ever since I slapped a couple of pulse lasers on my APC, I’ve taken to driving up to hordes, lighting up a smoke, putting on some music and watching the light show. Good fun.

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I personally use UPS rifles and put on a blindfold to wait several hours for them all to die.

I actually recall having good luck with a handful of pipe bombs. I’m surprised the rocket launcher didn’t help you.

I just learned the joy of a pulse laser turret on an apc. What fun!

Use traps. A nice field of nailboards does wonders, as do a handful of blade traps, or even just dump some bottles of gasoline and light it up when the swarm gets into the pools of gas.

Or you could get a vehicle and put some rams on it and use car-fu.

For early game I’d just lead them into fire and throw Molotov’s in the horde, just circle around the flames and the zombies will run through and get themselves killed.

When I need to clear a big building, regardless of how far I’ve progressed in the game, I grab a vehicle. I just drive up and down the road out front as the enemies spill out and run down as many of them as I can. When the flow slows to a trickle, or when the engine falls out of the car (or, god forbid, if enough time has passed and they’re starting to rez), I’ll start using a bow to kite the remnants.

Eventually it becomes what you described, just whacking them with my various sharp tools as I explore.

What is the point? Aside from fun…

Burning the building down does a pretty good job if you don’t want the loot. Which usually sucks anyway.

A few molotovs to clear out the groups outside and a couple of spike board traps will practically kill everything for you.

Schools spawn large amounts of weak Z’s so if you take a second to figure out where they are going to be coming from, (hallway etc.) make some basic preparations and, are patient, schools are actually really safe raid targets.

If I recall, the first time I cleared a school I got various drugs from the students, which was the main haul. Secondarily, there were a lot of books I didn’t have. Pretty sure they were basic books, but I remember being pleased with how many I found.

Schools are basically good for drugs, candy, books, and loads of electronic parts. If you get lucky you can also get chemistry stuff if there’s chem labs there.

Some of the best books in game can be found in the library. Its usually one fo the first locations I look for in game.

Assuming you are somewhat early in a playthrough, or maybe you just don’t feel like going through the tedium of killing 100+ zombie chillun, here’s my basic strategy. Very simple;

  1. Scout your target during the day. For a school building, my main target is usually going to be the library, but I’ll typically try to hit anything else that’s easy to access. Mark these spots on your overmap.
  2. Come back at night with your shopping cart or a duffel bag or whatever you prefer. And don’t forget to offload anything you don’t need to be carrying. Also remember to plan your raid, including entrances and best possible escape routes. This isn’t a big deal for dealing with zombie children, but it’s just a good rule of thumb to follow in general, so best make it a habit. I usually leave a shopping cart a safe distance away and make as many runs back and forth as I need to, until I have everything I want or the cart is full.
  3. Be as stealthy as possible at all times, avoiding combat. Combat makes noise and draws in more zeds. Eventually you’re just fighting instead of raiding if you’re not careful. Just get the loot, and get back to the relative safety of your base before dawn.

Again, these are all just general raiding rules of thumbs which should be applied to any raid carried out by new characters.

There’s a more detailed guide to night raiding on the wiki as well,