Tin-can stoves

I’ve seen little fire cooking things made of tin cans. A recipe composed of something like a tin can, hacksaw, rags, maybe alcohol (though it’d be better as a fuel, gasoline might would work too).

Picture so I can imagine it better? xD cause at the moment im thinking of a tin can with the top cut off, alcohol soaked rags put in there, set alight flip the tin can over and cook something on the top…like an egg

We did this in school, you take the can, poke two holes in it on opposite sides, shove a stick through. Then you can hold the can over the fire and cook whatever you put inside. Or at least heat it up.

i think he’s talking about a cooking lamp, put fuel inside, a rag or string as fuse and a cover, more like a one-use mini gas burner

Maybe if you have a empty can, you can put stuff in there tape up one side and cook it? (or is that what your suggesting, I was thinking about a whole can of beans with a stick through it cooked over a fire xD

Thats actually probably more what he ment Fero, and yes a can of beans with a stick through it is exactly what I was talking about more or less.


That one can even use a tin can to accelerate fuel consumption, but be a lot more useful than the 9 minute water boiling time I read from another search result (that thread a person was using 95% isopropyl).

one thing i love about this game/forum is the real life skills it has taught me for when the zombie apocalypse does happen. starts hammering nails into baseball bat