Timelord Mod - Many Lives, Regeneration

The idea is to have a player have 12 lives, and upon death they explode violently and respawn as a randomly rolled character with the same skills.
Item damage from the explosion should be minimal.
Stat totals should be the same after regenerating.

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Sounds neat. I’d imagine that this would be put in the Trait list as a 0-point cosmetic/3rd-row option as a sort of bonus feature. Alternatively, it could be a cripplingly expensive (~12pts) profession option that would trade your stats and traits for multiple lives.

Also, where would the player respawn? Would they respawn entirely at random, at the last place they slept, the closest location at least 2 map-tiles away from where you died that is also at least 2 map-tiles away from any living creatures, or somewhere else?

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there are more than few “immortality” or “lives” mods that have been tried before
theoretically its possible, but nobody so far has had the patience to do it

however the explosion does seem like it could be kind of overpowered

The idea is very much Doctor Who themed, so the rules would be similar. The respawn happens immediately in the same place. The explosion is to clear out enemies, and might be considered powerful, but is thematically consistent with the idea.

I’m in favour of it being an optional 0-point cost trait; since it representative of a different kind of game, and you will end up with random traits the first time you die.

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