Time frame of things

Can anyone give me general time frame of general survival/crafting(Day 1:shelter, Day 2: deathfortress etc.).

Any information would help me since i get paranoid about lagging behind and start to get reckless.

Very variable depending on your circumstances, so just do your best is all I can say.

You should be a fully capable night-raider by the end of the week and find yourself a semi-reliable and partially falling apart vehicle about a week afterwards. Everything afterwards is up to how fast you want to progress and your luck.

Most seem to take half a cataclysm year to get properly established and are able to tackle everything after the first year.

The first day until nightfall is pretty much always the same for me: Start with no tailoring, and rush being able to craft a backpack. Pretty much just tear down curtains for rags, find some heavy sticks for needles, and then craft clothing until properly leveled. After that, go night raiding.