Time Dilation CBM

What I hoped for:

What I got:


Rack up enough power and it comes pretty close, tbf though it’s pretty niche.

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I try to limit myself to a 2k power storage cap when I play with CBMs. More than that seems excessive, even 2k is kinda high. Besides, it fits well with Bionic Slots enabled, given that power modules don’t take up slots (yet?)

I enjoy the utility I can get out of time dilation though, even with my personal power restrictions. Swiftly absconding from danger is a great move 9/10 times, it is just a very anticlimactic move.

I generally prefer the Probability Travel for escapes.

their is the qauntum travel cbm
however actually getting everything to stop like bullets and fuses might be tricky

It’d take some c++ to do it now. There was a LUA mod that let you store up movement points slowly (while slowing yourself down) and then release it on demand to do things like move long distances, chain up a bunch of attacks or swap equipment in an instant (6 seconds at the time). Pretty fun to mess around with, but I never got it to the point of feeling like bullet time felt in Max Payne series games.