Tile stacking glitch

I’ve been using the Tileset Editor to customize some of the in game tiles when I walked into a liquor store and noticed this.

The usual blue color that indicates stacked items or items on a shelf has been replaced with the “no tile” tile, I checked houses up and down the street and it was all the same.
I’ve only edited a few basic monsters and items and I’m unsure why this would happen.

I was wondering if someone knew the cause of this, and hopefully a fix?

Thanks for reporting. Sadly I don’t have a working tiles build and cannot help you. Hope somebody else can.

Maybe you can tell us what you changed. Because my tiles build shows the blue outline correctly.

And which tileset you used. Looks like Tsu’s.

Make sure the highlight_item entry still exists in your tileset and is assigned something.

It’s the Hoder’s tileset. For some reason the “highlight_item” entry does not exist in it.