They can smell our blood?

Can bad/killy things track a player by the scent of their blood if they’re bleeding?

I was thinking about the added danger of using cocaines by triggering a nose bleed or even the extra noise of sniffing after doing a line.

Blood doesn’t matter, scent mostly relies on how long you stay still, smoke can help to eliminate it as well. A nose sniffing isn’t really loud enough to have an in game effect either.

Scent accumulates in an area over time, and can lay out a faint trail behind you in the dark as you move, which can let a horde follow you for a little while even if they can’t see you. But no, bleeding doesn’t increase it AFAIK (probably should. :smiley: )

If you want to play a ninja type character, you really want some combination of night vision, light step, and possibly even light scent, which reduces that smell effect as well - oh, and of course Ninjutsu, which is one of the most useful styles in the early game, as it greatly reduces melee sounds.

Don’t know about sniffles, but any disease or effect that makes you cough definitely generates noise they can follow.

Weak Scent definitely helps with ninja style characters, the Olfactory Mask can cover for it if you don’t have it as a trait (or even if you do and want to be extremely sneaky :stuck_out_tongue:) but it eats quite a bit of power to use.

There is a certain satisfaction to kiting a large group at night, isolating them one by one and pick them all off.

Smoke also destroys scent trails, so campfires and cigarettes can be your friend.