Scent. a quik video seeing it in action

After not completly understanding how scent worked I tried out the debug menu to see whats going on.


Good stuff.

Next video should also include candles, doors, windows, tape, and fire.

So what are the options for scent masking that are mobile and not cbm based?

Smoking and rain. I try to upload a what more indepth video about scent next week.

Nice work.:smile:

I wonder though, just how big the scent cloud gets when your character is stationary for a long time; such as when they are crafting or sleeping.:thinking:

Fairly large. Its why zeds will be able to smell you through a window when you sleep across a room. Sleep in an interior room if possible…

Old debug mode used to include numbers that indicated strength, so there were 10 intensities of smell. In addition, [keen_nose] monsters will smell you from almost twice the distance, which means there is still a numerical system at play here, and not just the binary we can see.

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Does smoking reveal your position in the dark?

Carrying a lit cigarette does, yes.

Thought this was the CDDA forums not the Snake forum… :smile:

Jokes aside, thanks for the video. I’ve tried to check out the scent map before, but I don’t think it works with tiles, so it is interesting to finally see it.

Everyone should now know and remember that zeds can smell you from 15 or so tiles away at night. You smell like human butt, and they eat that booty.

15 tiles, for up to an ingame minute.