Thematic Character Options

What if characters could start out being inclined to sports, horror stuff, morally good, etc. in a way that it affects more aspects of their world.(ideally would not require points) ex.

Character likes horror stuff, would gain more happiness than usual from reading horror novels. Would be less bummed out by killing kids. Different Dialogue options when interacting with Npc.
Inclined to mechanics, gets happiness/focus modifiers from reading car magazines, and from working on cars/any form of mechanics.
Likes sports, more moral bonus from reading sports related goods, from “playing with sports items alone or with an npc” Could change/add some dialogue options around NPC’s or being around stadiums.

Sorry if this is silly, or conflicts with several things already in place. Just an idea for something that could add more of a feel of real character, rather than us just role playing.

This is similar to " [Character’s Likes and Dislikes] " from Fox in 2013. Maybe it’s more feasible now? (Character's Likes and Dislikes)"
Extremely grateful for the amazing work all the developers and maintainers do! Thank you!