I Don't Mind the Rain: Modeling likes and dislikes

I would suggest that at character creation as well as when encountering certain milestones for the first time the players be presented with choices that will determine the characters personality and preferences, enforced by appropriately minor benefits and drawbacks.

At character creation players could be asked things like, do you prefer summer or winter? What’s your favorite food? Favorite type of book? Etc. Depending on the answers a small buff against a particular type of weather, morale bump on acquiring a particular snack and other such ho-hum occurrences gain a certain significance.

Adding ODD or otherwise INHUMAN questions during MUTATIONS or encounters with NETHER CREATURES/PHENOMENON could be an even cooler way to encourage playing a particular way. Even opening up the possibility for FIXATIONS or PHOBIAS. I.E. insects being suitably afeared of spiders.

Moreso this system could eventually encompass NPC’s, to the point where their own happiness could be impacted by appropriate gifts, inclement weather or (god forbid) the player mutating into something they’re repelled by. Someone that’s afraid of dogs might not take to traveling with a lupine mutant.


would be a great addition. +1

Survivors need more customization… so definitly +1

I generally think this is a good idea, however, for rain, i think it should be a temperature modifier not a morale debuff and that temperature should affect morale so that i’m not pissed about it raining in summer which would actually make me happy (by cooling me off) and that rain in colder months could even be (realistically) deadly.

That’s objectively better than what I’ve suggested +1