Theft without consequences

So if you make it to another faction camp base and poke around, undoubtedly you’ll see cupboards or shelves or whatever else with inventory in them. I noticed if you take the bag of burritos or box of flour, you’ll be warned about stealing. But if you 'U’nload, you can load up on as many free vittles or batteries or whatever else is unloadable as you can carry.

I’m sure the faction is more interested what’s IN the contents of the bag, box, clip, container etc, than the plastic bag itself. Just thought I’d share.


That’s master thief strategies right there. By leaving the empty container it’s not immediately obvious that you stole stuff. I mean the box is still there, even if the pop tarts are spilling out of your cargo shorts.


If the stuff you want to jack is on a display rack, it’s just easier to move the rack that all the items fall off of it, bring a locker to that spot, which loads all of the items on the ground on into it, and drag it out of sight of NPCs.