A quick queastion for factions

so recently I noticed item can be part of a faction and stolen? how does it work? Like it is you are seen and it leads to problems or is it a take it at all seen or not and lose faction trust or something?

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If you are seen stealing one of their items, one of them will confront you, you then have a few options of how to deal with that confrontation, the safest one is just to say " I will drop the item" and then your character will.

Orrrr… you can try and threaten or just say no… see what happens :slight_smile:

ok I also noticed Reading a book is diferent the Picking up the book. since for one it didn’t have the warning for stealing like when i took loot of a hell raider I killed

Ah right, ill have to change that then…
Reading a book puts it in your inventory dosnt it… hmmm ill have to think about how best to handle that.

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I would just say you can read and if its from a faction you can’t carry it back so its just left where you found it when done. I don’t see why reading the book would lead to a problem but taking it will. but its up to you

That makes sense yeah, Id have to change the reading code to not pick it up if its owned by some other faction, but thats do-able

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Does the price of the item matter as well? I found a heavy stick in a trashcan but It was still owned at $0.00 worth would they care I took it?

Yep they still care, any item is owned by them gets that response.
I am planning on doing further work in this area, where high-value items can be recognised on your person even if you managed to steal it withotu witneses ( makes sense that theyd recognise their power armor or something that you stole )

And low-value stuff like rocks or cig butts they wont care about.

Its a feature thats gonna be fleshed out more.

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Maybe something based around threat level too? I imagine a survivor would be less likely to pick a fight with a fully geared thief armed with a rivtech battle rifle over even reasonably valuble items, I know I’d let most things go rather then fight that with a machette or something.
Or to quote Terry Pratchett, “don’t get in an arse kicking contest with a porcupine”

Edit: If possible and something you’d be willing to do of course.

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and trust. If your very close to a faction makes sense they may not care as much. limits of course or something to that extent

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What would theoretically also be great is if items spawned or drop’d in the ownership zone by NPC’s should be able to be flagged, too. or maybe another tag in json that allows you to set faction owner. It would open the door to start adding inter-faction thieving quests and purely for flavour and consistency, say for example, if an NPC were to put books you gave him in the bookshelf next to him, they would be set as the factions books… :slight_smile:

It makes me so happy that someone is quoting Terry Pratchett!! <3 <3

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That already kinda happens.
For example, you trade or gift your rifle to an NPC, they now own it.
Say you drop it, and an NPC picks it up ( they wouldnt do that if you were watching ) they now own it.

anytime items get wielded, worn or picked up or created or basically just arrive in an inventory of a person, they change ownership.

hmmm know correct me if this is already a thing. but It would be interesting if items you find to a degree in a location would show up in a shop. by that I mean they have their inventory on site and you can take them or buy then. like a merchant is selling a machate and I somehow snuck in the shop storage and took a machate and the shop owner no longer sells it because I just took it
Note by degree I mean some items a shopkeep would sell on currently on them but they could still be storing more in a storage

I believe there are plans to make shopkeepers use a nearby stash of items as their trading inventory.
Currently they use their own inventory which can get complicated when they are oveburdened.

The nearby stash of items could be in storage, or on display, so yeah thievery could be a part of that.

cool. could something like trader caravans be made at some point? likely when Bases are really established I don’t find the camps fitting that role well with how little control we get

Yes. The person handling the refugee camp afaik is currently building a caravan staging area map next to it. I think we still have a long way to go until moving, etc. caravans though.

oh cool, I never meant any time soon Personally player manageable bases (like actually taking over a building or something). aka just a point when actually building a stable location they can control would need to go first mostly so the caravans have a place to go reliably

Nice to see another of my ideas implemented :wink:

Mentioned this a long time ago while discussing NPC interactions regarding the refugee facilities.