The Razor Girls lack of Protective Lenses?

This is something I just had to ask. Is there any reason why the Razorgirl/Boy doesn’t have the Protective Lenses CBM? It just seems weird to me that the Molly Millions class lacks her signature mirror shades.

Which brings me to my idea. Wouldn’t it make sense for the Anti-Glare Compensators and Protective Lenses to be merged into one CBM since they both should in theory do the exact same thing?


Let’s do it! I’ll … uh … mentor? If you want to add this content as a pull request to Github?

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Protective lenses are basically safety goggles CBM so it’s normal they don’t do any anti-glare compensation.
I don’t know if merging CBMs is worth the trouble or not though.

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Maybe when CBM slots are mainlined. Then it makes sense since neither is really worth a slot on its own, but combined it wouldn’t be too bad.

If it’s no trouble, sure. I’m new so I have no real idea how to submit it to github.

No prob!

Can you hack it into your local game?

I have to admit my knowledge of the code ends where the debug menu begins. I can spawn it in, but I think you are asking for something more technical. Any help that can be offered would be more than welcome. I think the best I can ask for is a change to the Razor girl’s starting CBM’s to include the Protective Lenses.