The problem with the progress of NPC skills (Bug)

THE NPCs improve their skills for a short time. A few percent. Then the skills stop increasing. Helps: Exit to the main menu and reload save.
Once reload save, the NPC can improve their skills again by a few points. And then they stop progressing again.
Because of this, with a long game, the NPC barely progresses in skills.
How to fix it? (For a stable build 0.E-3 Ellison-3)
In the 0.E-1 Ellison-1, it was only the NPC with a trait of “slow learning”.
In the 0.E-3 Ellison-3 and latest experimental build, all NPCs have a learning problem.
I really need to fix it.
I not use “no_npc_food”.

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it would help to know exactly what version you’re playing on, and what you’re doing to help them increase their exp.

Edit: by reading books to my NPC’s, i increased their skills in medical to 3, pretty easily, without having to restart… gonna take em into combat to see if shooting increases.

took my level 1 marksmanship boy out to shoot things, is now up from 33% marksmanship to 59% marksmanship after shooting up a troll.

There is no difference between original 0.E and point release 0.E-3 in that area.

yeah i’ve tested it a bit and i cant reproduce whatever issue you’re having. possibly its a mod you have installed causing the problems?

Me and my friend are having a similar issue now after updating experimental yesterday. When we read books the skill doesn’t increase at all but repeatedly shows the dialogue, “(skill) had increased to %0”

Didn’t try anything except resort back to previous save before updating.
Made this account just to try to find help. Any advice anyone?

Separate bug, wait for the fix to be merged.