The new viewport options are great!

The new viewport options are super mega awesome great!
My compliments to whoever implemented this.

Finally I can play on a larger screen view!

i found a problem. when i go to the full size it sits in the wrong space and i cant do anything.

What sits in the wrong space?

I think he means the window jumped off the top of his screen like a lobster out of a pot.

To bring the window back down, bring it to the front, hit alt+spacebar, Move, and then use your arrow keys to move it back down onto your screen.

Unless you’re using linux, in which case I have no idea.

Thank you kindly for that information! now i can have a BIGGER SCREEN!

Could anyone care to tell me how I can make my screen bigger? I mean the viewport options is all good n’all but It doesn’t mean jack if the game window is still fairly small.

you have to restart the game.