The Nerdiest Nerd to Ever TURRET! [Challenge]

I propose a challenge to you all!
The challenge is simple, create a character that has 4 strength, 4 dexterity, 14 intelligence, and 4 perception. Give them 6 in firearms, 6 in computers, 8 in mechanics, and 6 in electronics. You are not allowed to kill anything yourself, you have to build turrets and man-hacks if you want to survive. Thats not to say you can attack, you just arent allowed to try kill anything. Have fun.

So you can kill as long as you’re not intending to. Is self-defense (“That bear woke me up, I’ll fry his brain”) ok, or not?

No it is not. Accidental kills, as in somehow one hit killing Cthulhu when you accidentally punched him in the tenta-bulge whilst trying to run is ok, but otherwise no go. Punching things to draw aggro, if only because with this character build you would not be able to do much damage with punching is ok, but do try to avoid killing them.

Would using EMP grenade and explosive be okay? What are the win conditions? Can you use vehicle-mounted turrets? Your standard 9mm turret won’t do much against anything more than a standard Z.

No to the EMP and other grenades, yes to the vehicle mounted turrets, though ramming your vehicle intentionally into enemies is against the rules. And before its brought up, traps are Ok, though by your Second auto turret, you probably won’t need to worry about it.

There are no win conditions, this is just a new was to play the game as a challenge. If you want a challenge, then make up some arbitrary goal like say… Wipe out a fungal bloom using only manhacks and turrets, and no interaction beyond deploying them. Watch as your automated minions wipe out mushroom things from the comfort of your own mobile battle death fortress of doom and rainbows.

As for the 9mm, a single turret can easily wipe out the better part of a fungal patrol.

Fungaloid are slow, don’t have any ranged attacks and are softs.

My experience with turrets is that spitters and shockers will make them into mincemeat. And I had like 4 of them. Although I should probably have spread them out of a bit more.

In my experience you still have to bait them with your characters pasty white ass and draw aggro whilst your turret shoots them for you.
Shockers, at best, stun you, though thats not a problem because your turret will wipe them out before it can do any real harm, and spitter’s acid is only ever a minor inconvenience, one that you just have to take the shortest path out of to survive. Or just stand there as it doesn’t do that much damage, on rare occasions 10 at most to a leg. Because you aren’t fighting, that’s not of a problem. Just sand a good 7 spaces away from the turret and you’ll never have to worry about ranged agro, as they seem to focus on you and not the turret, unlike their melee counterparts.

Okay, will try again.

Shopping cart + turret = FTW! :smiley:

Just noticed turrets will angrily beep at you if you get in their way rather than shoot you. Thank god for IFF!

Finallly managed to make my way to a hardware store and an electronics store, and got my first turret set up. And then prompt bleed out because i couldnt find a single fucking bandage.