The most unpleasant surprise

The middle of nowhere. After midnight I ate a hot supper, drank some water and went to sleep in an improvised shelter. Campfire was giving me warmth. My horse was resting next to my shelter. Everything was alright. I fell asleep…

Sudden pain woke me up. Zombie bit my leg. It was holding me but I managed to escape from it’s grasp. I fried it in the campfire. There was another zombie. Already badly wounded. It also fried in the fire.

My horse is dead. It means that I may be dead within a week if I will be unlucky. It takes a single wolfpack or a cerbearus.

WTF happened? Are there random zombies in the fields and deep forests? There are two moonshine stills but they are not so close to me. Nothing more.

  1. Why was the second zombie badly wounded?

  2. Is it possible that the campfire attracted those zombies from far away?

I am using Dark Days of Dead. Hordes off. I consider myself a veteran of Cataclysm (I have been playing Cata since 2015) but it was a total surprise for me. Two zombies have never ambushed me at night like that. At least no in the middle of nowhere

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My guess is, there were dead bodies somewhere: the ones that already spawned in earlier versions of the game. But now they have a good chance of reviving, even before you get close to them.
If this is the case, they will have no clothes or other equipment on them.
That would also explain why they were “wounded”: when they rise they aren’t fully healed.

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If I recall correctly, only one of them was injured. I do not know if they had clothes on them. They fried in the fire. They came from the south, from a deep forest. I have never found bodies in forests like that. I have searched the area from where they came. No items, no blood, no casings, no other corpses. Nothing. But your explanation is the only one that makes sense

I regularly find random packs of zombies in forest. Also in fields.

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I can’t be sure, but in a recent playthrough the city I was in had a number of forest squares in it; I found a large number of zombies reviving when I got near the forest squares, with clothes etc. left in bushes and the like. No idea where the zombies were from, in previous releases of the game I, too, have never found corpses nor zombies into a forest. So maybe things have changed in 0.F?

Another exaplanation for the zombie being wounded could be that the horse fought back before being killed.

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I too have found zombies in all kinds of places in 0.F-0 stable. I’ve also found some which were newly risen together with a bunch that are fully healed.

The dead humans are nasty: I’ve had several cases where they’ve risen as I’ve exited the car to pulp them and even after starting to pulp them. Not much of a problem for an established character who’s geared up, but a newbie who’s stripped down due to heat won’t be happy…

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Also, it seems they can rise as a number of nasty zombie types; I know I’ve seen some rise as acid zombies.