Jacqueshammer has no disassembly option

The jacqueshammer (from the crazy cataclysm mod these days apparently) lacks a disassembly recipe, unlike the regular jackhammer (and the electric one). From what I understand, the jacqueshammer is supposed to be identical to a regular jackhammer in every way but name, so this seems like an oversight.

It’s painful having to support such an ugly hack

Um, ok? I mean, I’m not particularly attached to the silly jacqeshammer pun item, I just tossed it somewhere and used the debug menu to get a real jackhammer. This is my first time playing with crazy cataclysm turned on, and i’m just calling issues as I see them.

Blame the French. Or the Canadians. You did the right thing, son. You did good by tossing away that abomination of a tool, and by switching it to a REAL tool. No one should be ever forced to succumb to the depravity of resorting to a jacqueshammer. Be sure to wash your character’s hands. They might smell like frog legs. #ronswanson