The item highlight color make identify item and dead body difficult

I found a problem about this new menu color, that any time you select something, it will hide the original color that item have, which it make a few trouble to identify the item,

for example, I tried to read a skill book, but due the select color has replace the original one, I was unable to identify the book I already read or not (the red color and the purple color are gone, replace with white or green), especially when I tried to identify the zombie body, who will stand up or not(yellow color are gone), and even the rot food or anything like that(actually you can identify it by looking the information, but I think it will be much easier, if you can just identify by the color)

So, I was think, mabye we should keep the original item color for not being change, we can definitely save a lot trouble for that.

If I’m not mistaken, they turn grey when you can no longer gain anything from them. Purple pink when you are not qualified to learn yet and yellow after you have garnered all skill gain but may still need it for recipes.

Right, that’s how it works. However, when you highlight an object, you can’t see this different color so you can’t tell if it’s got recipes, is beyond comprehension, or pointless to read.

It’s most frustrating when you have only one item and by 'e’xamining it, it’s automatically highlighted so you can’t tell if you already have the book or not.

This has happened for a while, though, I don’t think it’s a new issue.

It’s could be annoying, same as the cyan color are gone too, and now you can’t even identify between skeleton and shocker brute, due to brute’s background color are gone.

Ya hate that, but if you already read the book the description will tell you what skill level you can get to, if not you haven’t read over it yet.

You could simply get an additional item.
Perhaps take off an article of clothing to check the item, Then re-don it once you have Checked.

If you mouse over a map tile, or local area tile to say, You can see whats present in that tile, and check what creatures are on it. If that fails, you can try throwing or firing at a creature or suspected creature, and when your aiming at the tile, you can see what the creature/target is.