Flag items on screen

Is there not a way to flag items with colors (or such) specifically set by the player? I could have sworn that there was a way to do that.

My character is nearsighted and I have been having trouble finding any new glasses/bifocals.

In the shift-V “view nearby items” menu, you can set a filter for items to be high priority, which will bump them to the top of the list and highlight them in yellow. Add glasses,bifocals to that and you should be able to spot them from pretty far away (varying with PER) unless they’re inside a vehicle tile, dresser or other opaque furniture.
For searching vehicles I use AIM (/) and set one pane to inventory and the other to show the surrounding 8 tiles, filter it, and then just move about checking the various tiles 8 at a time.

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That must have been what I was thinking of, TY