UI color change

I have an issue with the blue color in some selection highlights, like the vehicle part mending interfaces i can’t see what in selecting in those menus, instead guessing what km mending/removing.

The problem its not the game itself, it really its my scren that has a yellow hue because my current VGA cable its faulty and tints the screen with a slightly yelow color it does not let me see the purple color and light blue colors, instead showing brown and black. I just want to know if i can change the highligth color that its light blues to, for example, red.


While you can’t change the color on that specific menu AFAIK, you can use the color editor from the main screen settings menu to change all instances of that particular color to something else.


Thanks, this has been a headache since i am into vehicles.

No problem, always happy to help. :slight_smile: