The Great Horde Migration of Spring 01

In version 0.c-7585-gefc0cca,

it seems like there is possibly a bug with the new code where hordes all migrate to 0,0. I can’t say for sure that this is a bug, since I don’t know where 0,0 is, and whether the hordes actually attempt to go there in the code.

The blinking pattern that I saw hinted at this. In the attached images, with hordes shown, you can see that there are many hordes which seem to have the target 0,0. <-- shows horde moving from town to the south and town to the east toward north west <-- their pilgrimage destination?

I only came across this issue because apparently I happened to choose a base that’s in their path, and was getting a seemingly endless parade of zombies.

I hope that I’m prepared when I finally run into that consolidated pack.


Does this mean that it’s not a bug? Or does it mean that it’s a difficult bug?

It means that I thought I had fixed this. :frowning: Apparently not.

It kinda reminds me of Dead Space Convergence…

Pretty Spooky…