'The engine dies!' message with shopping cart

Occasionally keep getting that message when dragging shopping cart :slight_smile: Experimental version from Nov 27th, around 12:30am or so… I’m thinking it could be related to the new idling engine change, maybe?? (I love you, freezerbunny!)

Another thing, half suggestion, half bug-like-ish-maybe-but-not-really (avoiding a pretty thin post in suggestions!): Now that first aid takes time and you try to use it to stop bleeding it says “You were hurt! Stop?” every time you bleed more… Can’t distinguish if that’s just me losing some blood or if its another wolf chewing more of my bleeding face off :smiley: A “You lost some blood! Stop?” type thing would be good… “You were attacked! Stop?” etc…

[size=8pt]Funny enough, I got a message a few days ago that mentioned something like: “You are bleeding! Stop using first-aid? Y/N”. Haha.[/size]