The DIY list

Feel free to bloat this thread with any and all the cobbled together DIY items you think are missing from our cataclysms.

Pics if you got em’

I’ll start with a healthy dose of awesome…

The Stinger

This ad-hoc bastardized God-worrier is little beyond a helicopter’s tall gun modified with a rifle stock and a box to hold its chains of .30 caliber bullets.

Parking Meater
A coin opperated mechanism designed expressly to pester motorists. Hacked free of its moorings it gives new meaning to the phrase “Feed the meter.”

Dugout Special
A trio of aluminum bats held fast to a central handle with little more than duct tape and gumption. Three strikes and you’re out.


A walking one-two-three count these hombres will do more then muss up your hair. Consumes three shotgun shells per shot.

Loot Suit
Essentially just two backpacks sewn to either side of a sweater.

Obscenity Suit
All sleek leather and toothy steel this contour hugging bondage suit has been swathed from head to toe in barbed wire.

Mounted Chainsaw

For every forest there is a final solution.


Consisting of a length of chain tethered at one end to a particularly girthy padlock this improvised flail is perfect for the hoodlum on a budget.

An all-purpose dojigger designed to pry, dig and if all else fails chop one’s way through the cataclysm.

[spoiler=Recipe]-Powered Welder or Makeshift welder or intergrated toolset

-crowbar or makeshift crowbar
-shovel or entrenching tool

  • 2x wood axe or 2x hatchet
  • scrap metal[/spoiler]

Tri-barrel shotgun reminds me of the Hydra from Resident Evil games.

Though I think that was a quad-barrel.


I also want a craftable flame thrower attachment with the spraycan FMT