The CATA Caption Game

For funsies. The game is simple: upload an image and post it. Other users then try to come up with an interesting/funny/morbid/whatever caption. The winner wins a shiny new MELCHIOR (Dielectric Capacitance System for your protection sold separately).

I’ll start:

This isn’t very funny but I feel I have too

I am a river that looks like a blue unicorn.

wopsh wopsh wopsh wopsh wopsh
“I sometimes like to take a moment to think about all the poor folk who didn’t have steam-boats…”

What the hell, is that a military outpost in the middle of the river?

OT: I need to be strong to not be sarcastic.

Yeah, so apparently I used a very uninspiring picture. Oops. I felt certain that somebody was going to caption it ‘Alcatraz’, but… oh well. I leave it to someone else to one-up me on screenshotting!