Annotated Base Screenshots

A thread to show off your base. Tilesets encouraged! I’m using Tsu’s which does an amazing job rendering vehicles.

Description: Vehicles are my favorite part of this game so I searched the map for hours to find a relatively safe garage. The first one I tried got overrun with giant frogs and acid spewing slugs so I abandoned it and found this one. After I manage the last of my repairs I plan to modify the armored car to be 1 tile leaner and 100% meaner.

Show off how you survive the apocalypse.

I have I car similar to that I wish I knew how to take screenshots
it has only one seat (driver seat) and I installed a bed, kitchenette, water tanks, welding rig and made it run on solar power also made a wall between the back room and the driver area (the backroom is build to be like a bomb shelter if I nuke myself somehow)

If you are on windows then hit the Print screen button on your keyboard (if you don’t have one of these google what exactly you need to press) and paste it into paint and save it. If you are on a mac hit Command+Shift+4, then space, and then click on the Cataclysm window. If you are on linux you are on your own.

Once you’ve done that go to a site like and upload your file (in imgur the button is in the top left corner). That should give you a BBcode thing you can paste into a forum post here to display the image.

Or use the snipping tool.