The Battalion of Not Particularly Clever allies

Static is the way to go. Also, you should make some golf carts out of scraps and roam free, naming yourselves “Kool ‘n’ da Gang”. Also, edit .json files for golf clubs, everyone gets a set piece.

[quote=“detahramet, post:20, topic:2669”]Because there i suck at this game, i should probably point out that i am playing classic zombies + zombie revive + static spawn. Just specifying.

On the upside, i found a new car. In a new world. After my first guy died.
Any more name suggestions?
So far the potential names for the new car?
So far we have:
The Whirling Derpface
Apply Friendshield Here[/quote]

I’m still waiting for trains, so I can actually accurately label something doomtrain.

Not that my current Deathspike isn’t completely decimating anything it hits, of course. Seeing car frames bounce about the screen like pingpong balls is fun.
Problem is, my driving skill isn’t high enough to control a speed high enough to confirm gibification of most enemies without significant danger of swerving into a building. I actually managed to reverse it through half a house at one point.

My current car is named ‘Plan B’ , where the ‘B’ stands for beetle , because all of my solar powered love rides end up looking like a beetle with 2 spike plated fangs in front of the front wheels , 4 or 6 (depends on if i want more storage) solar panels in the car and 2 trunks on both sides next to the solar panels.