The alternate ends of the world

I think a fun sort of idea to play are world scenarios. these affect the world you play on itself over the character.
example. The flooded world. The main level of the game is all deep water tho only on outside blocks. buildings that you can enter from are fine mostly some like missile silos or farms are going to be flooded but office towers or other stronger buildings are going to be fine. also i would say they would change a few thing like more taller buildings spawn in that worlds and buildings have roof access. note if the building has glass walls like the first floor of the office building it’s going to have a flooded first floor. know most zombie and other monster will be dead but this is more harsh world survival over lots of enemies survival and fish monster are a thing they they may happen. also boats would be needed and diving gear.

solar end. The sun starts emitting extreme level of UV radiation making it impossible to live outside without protection but night is safe. this is more a timed survival since you cant go outside without heavy protection. i would add tho that solar panels get a super charge in this world so they are risky to use but very effective.

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Water World film?

Only people able to make it up a mountain would survive =D

Nuclear winter. Most town consist of crates from missiles and a lot of radiation. Oh and Very long winter with small window in summer maybe.

Global warming end. all weather is more extreme, chance for tornadoes and such to spawn, and everything is basically summer wasteland all the time it isn’t being a harsh blizzard or a monsoon downpour. Rivers and other bodies of water are bigger, or smaller, some only being river beds. Proper ‘nice’ days are so far and few between that they actually have a mood buff when they are seen.

Global cooling end. The world is seldom not a harsh blizzard, its almost exciting to see something OTHER than white and grey. Mass graves of terrified animals trampled and frozen to death can be found buried in a vertical columns of frozen flesh and shattered/splintered bone.

Realm end. The portals. Everyone still alive has a couple stories about the blasted things. Rumors exist of areas / “an area” that is not dominated by the nearest portal, places or locations rumored to be too far from its nearest realms to be affected by them. Most of us have begun to laugh at such notions, some areas just took longer for a portal to claim as their own. Most folk still alive have eked their existence out in The Borders. The edges. Where two realms considered less harsh fight for territory. Where when the monsters of one realm come retreat is possible into the other.

in game the base layer would mostly be replaced by deep water and the game mostly plays in the +1 level. with the base were ground is being 0. that how i would do the flooded world and its only in the outside mostly buildings would be fine. as long and the windows hold so reinforcing them and blocking to the door would be a good idea