That fireplaces and shelters man... And how they should NOT require a shallow pit

Long story short, it tooks approximately 7 hours do dig a shallow pit with a digging stick and strength 5 or 6 (which suppose to correctly represent a miniature elegant and physically weak lady).
Both fireplace and shelter are requiring shallow pits, which are 1m in diameter, 0.30 m deep and 0.25 m3 in volume.
First she (that elegant weak lady) should gathers 20 stone, which is already questionable, and then she digs the the heck out 1/4 m3 of dirt for 7 hours, thirsting, starving and freezing in the process, because somewhat smaller pit will never do the job of containing fire from a couple of sticks.
And then she should dig out another 1/4 m3 of dirt for 7 hours just to get some twigs above her head.
Does that seem right? I personally think not.
Even weakest person should be able to not be a freaking industrial excavator in order to survive.
Fireplace and shelter recipes should perhaps require just a digging tool and and a little bit of extra time instead of a huge freaking pit 1m in diameter.

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Where do you get those dimension from?
Also you (someone) could add a very shallow pit that’s easier to dig and use that instead in the recipes.

What version is this? The change in turn time has caused some wonky effects across the board.

Where do you get those dimension from?

I browsed sources. The file is “src/iuse.cpp” and the function is “dig_pit_moves_and_byproducts”. It thankfully has extensive explanation in comments on where the numbers are coming from.

What version is this?

According to “git tag -l”, the latest tag was “cdda-jenkins-b8937” at that moment.