I love it. I love it so much, in fact, that it might need to be nerfed a little.

Try it: start with the Tailor profession in the Missed scenario. You can easily stitch together things, reinforce clothing, and repair any incidental damage you incur. Encumbrance is much less of an issue since you start being able to make anything fit, so one good sporting goods or milsurp run and you’re laughing. Hard arm & leg guards are particularly useful for a tailor.

What say you, forum?

I say I never take that profession since just by reinforcing my starting clothes I get at least one and sometimes two levels in tailoring.

Nowadays I go for runs that start with no skill points into tailoring just for the added challenge.

Yeah. As long as the starting clothing ain’t damaged, there should be a good chance that it won’t get any damage from 0 level tailoring, and there’s a level or two gained from reinforcing that starting clothes, which opens enough crafting options to make clothing to keep a character warm enough on a spring start.