Rebalance Profession Skill Levels/Crafting Difficulty

As it stands, most professions give a small skill boost relating to what they are. For this example, I will be using the Tailor profession.

A Tailor starts out with 4 points in, oddly enough, tailoring. Now, as you gain more levels, more crafting options become available. I noticed a craft option that I would describe as “So easy, a 3rd grader could do it (and one somewhere probably has already)”

The sleeveless survivor trenchcoat requires 5 points in tailoring to craft. 5 points to cut sleeves off.

…You’re telling me, a professional tailor, doesn’t know how to cut off sleeves?

Now, I know that professions have low skills often due to their items, but it’s either them or some crafting items that need to be rebalanced.

I think it’s more about the survivor hardening himself and leaving the things that normal people used to do, and eventually becoming one with the apocalypse.

That sounded philosophical.

Well the problem with cutting clothing is that you could have loose threads, which would mean that the whole piece of clothing could unravel itself after a while. Still, a professional tailor would definitely be able to make sure this won’t happen. In fact, I would argue that those recipes - cutting something off from somewhere else - should give you as byproduct rags (if it doesn’t already? not sure) and should only need a skill or maybe 2. I mean, there are (or were at least) enough teenagers which cut their own clothing (usually shirts and jeans) in order to make them look ‘cool’ cough

Yes, the sleeveless trenchcoat gives 4 rags as a byproduct