Tactical Grenades

After a near fatal run in with a Zombie Hulk at the bottom of the stairs in a basement(thoroughly noped out of), I thought to myself, “What if I could activate a grenade, (e)xamine the stairwell, and drop the grenade down there to roll out the red carpet? I would think that this would require Z-levels to be active, for various reasons. Yes, it would be very edge-case use, but if I were in a situation where I know the thing at the bottom is nope worthy, I would toss a couple frags down and wait to see if anything’s still moving.

I personally don’t know anything of the code, so if I’m out of line here, let me know.

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It’s certainly possible, I could see a similar use case for yanking open a door and tossing a grenade in.
Coincidentally I’m almost done buffing grenades, they’re going to be super powerful.


Actually, I started thinking of a door yanking+grenade breach maneuver just after posting. The action’s speed and accuracy of the toss could be affected by skills and/or perception/dexterity.

Further down the line, it could be possible to drop grenades out of windows. Of course, Z-level vision would most likely need to be in place to make that feasible.

On the subject of breaching, what would be the possibility of sticking a grenade in a funnel and placing it on a metal door? Shaped charge fashion? Could require an adhesive and a string to make it work. Cheap, but one time use and LOUD.

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Is there any possibility of including some hand-to-hand grenade tactics, like pulling the pin on a soldier zombies grenade and pushing them away, or sneaking one into the pocket of an enemy then running away?

A bit far-fetched, but it could make stealth or strength builds a bit more interesting.

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Let’s put it this way, after the explosion overhaul I’m wrapping up lands, you do NOT want to be within 5 tiles of a grenade. Melee and explosives do not mix.


I mean, hand to hand tactics would be cool, but uh…yeah, Kevin’s pretty confident in his grenades, so I’ll pass on that. Good suggestion though.

In that case, how would a door yank work? Could the maneuver be link to Dexterity, Perception, and speed? I feel like all those would come into play. Perhaps make it a two stage maneuver. Open the door, choose the point to throw the grenade.

In fact, “maneuvers” could be a thing. Like crouching and moving would auto peek every turn. You’d have hit the move key twice as often, but it would add a level of stealth. Maneuvers could be linked directly to stats. If you’re not very perceptive, you probably wouldn’t think to peek before you move.

Honestly, I just want the option to stick a grenade down a zombie’s pants while I’m using Time Dilation.


Ok, I could see it with Time Dilation. Perhaps there could be some maneuvers that only pop up with that. Like, fire arrows from multiple positions. Kevin?

Or perhaps booby-trapped zombies? Find one that’s down but not pulped, then tie a grenade to it with a pin going to it’s arms so when it tries to attack something it goes off. For ambushing bandits.

Maybe take some fresh meat and strap it to a zombie so other zombies chase it, and have some C4 strapped to it’s head.

Wow. You are…cruel. Interesting ideas, but I don’t see them being very practical. The only one being pulling the pin of a grenade already on a zombie soldier. Yeah, you don’t want to be within 5 tiles, but if you could run and dive to the ground…

It would require the ability to stand, crouch, and go prone.

-Unless it already exists and I missed it, I have what I think to be a good suggestion. (Although it is slightly less relevant)
-We have containers for the soul purpose of holding ammo, right? So why not grenades? I’m not 100% certain what it would it would be like, but I’d love to have a grenade oriented pouch, maybe with multiple tiers (Which I think the ammo ones have to some extent). As soon as I have the tools and skills for it, I always love to carry around at least 5 grenades for emergency situations. For example, those police bots than keep making issues for me, since I can’t easily penetrate their armor. Or the occasional mini-horde of brutes. Lob a couple of grenades and it really helps!

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Hmmmmm…I like it, but I’d like to have some sort of equipment management overhaul. Instead of a list, a paper doll UI would be nice for that. Something to tell you what’s equipped where and(in the case of containers) what’s in it. It would help visualize just what you’re character is carrying and how, and would likely help organize everything. This would be especially useful with tactical/MOLLE gear. Different compartments could have item categories assaigned to them by the player. Having dedicated pouches would be especially useful in auto pickup and looting situations. That way if you run out of space in your main compartment, you’re not hurting for space in your ammo pouch. If you cram an M60 into your backpack, you could still pick up that watch and put it in your pocket.

Along with MOLLE gear, modular storage. Being able to have a backpack that you can mod would be nice. This would most likely require a mod system overhaul. I know Kevin would be just heartbroken over that, though.

Well, I just now saw this. Hm. It would be nice to have, but if we’re not getting it any time soon, we’ll have to look in another direction. :man_shrugging:

Though, I have to say, the mod system needs to change. Badly. Anything beyond a shoulder strap turns your weapon info into a novella. Reading books in game takes less time than reading heavily modded weaponry in real life.

I do think that modular storage would work without a paper doll UI, however clunky it may end up being.

I prefer creative.
The ambush zombie idea would be more useful if bandits existed, but I really think dropping off a bit of bait with some explosives could be a good way to wipe out hordes. That and the ability to stick grenades on/to zombies would make for some great shenanigans. Especially for really fast players or (if it ever gets added) stealthy ones.

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It works because walls and doors are pretty good at stopping bomb fragments, so you just need the door closed and/or duck around the corner for (relative) safety.

I’ve thought about adding “auto peek” for when you’re in a “cautious” move mode, it seems like a good reward for spending more time crossing an area, and answers the question, “why dont you just jog everywhere?”. No extra keypresses though, it’d just spend more turns.

…you got me, while it’s a massive waste of CBM power, there’s no reason it wouldn’t work.

That one takes a lot of extra infrastructure to make it work, the reverse pickpocket (hello Bethesda) wouldn’t require time dilation, but it sure makes it a lot easier.

One, you actually dont want to be within about 20 tiles unless you have heavy armor, they’re really nasty now.
Two, armies actually train a grenade throwing maneuver where you throw the grenade and drop to the ground to take cover in a single motion. Of course irl grenade timers are about 5 sec, not 30 like they are in dda.

You can already do make a radio lure and put a RC bomb next to it.

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…Shit. What the hell brain?

Meat lures could be a fun alternative though.

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Are 40mms going to be affected by the grenades buff? I really like using them but they’re kind of underwhelming right now.

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Second. I mostly use 40mm grenades for softening up wreckage on bridges now. Two or three fired from my turret will weaken wreckage enough to push it out of the way and/or crush what’s left, all without getting out of my deathmobile. It’d be nice if they weren’t so weak, though.

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