Suppressor worthless?

There’s literally no point to this thing- it only negates sound to a useful degree in .22, and being quiet isn’t even needed anymore with static spawns.

Would like to see the noise reduction greatly increased. Yes, on supersonic ammo zombies would still hear the CRAAK as it whizzes through town, but it wouldn’t be localized. Without changes to the sound system, the best way to accomplish that effect is just making the gun silent. As in silent-silent.

I’ve been feeling your pain there, likewise, Suppressors are pointless in Dynamic (not enough reduction) and in Static, make as much sound as you want, since the active area is tiny.

the only fixes to this I can think of involve changing the entirety of sound, which isn’t really an appealing or reasonable option

pretty much the same reason to never grab Light step, except for the extra trap avoidance.

Why wouldn’t it be a reasonable option to change the way sound works?

If it’s not working in the desired way now then a change would be appreciated. Maybe it’s unreasonable to move changing the sound blueprints to the front of the line, especially with what I’ve been hearing of the new stealth based system that’s been proposed. It’ll probably be worked on about the same time I would imagine.

Could do with a rethink, I guess.
It all depends on the weapon and the caliber. Using a supressed WAL2000 to take out something 50ft away?
Of course you’re still gonna attract everything nearby. A supressed pistol or something should still be able to take out some zombies inside a building without aggroing the entire town.

What’s special about a WAL2000?

a rifle. one not designed with subtle or quiet in mind.

Is there a reason a suppressor kit wouldn’t do much for it?

.308 rifle rounds produce a sound of 160 decibels
most commercial suppressors reduce sound by around 30 decibels
for reference, a jet engine makes a sound of 140 decibels and an average conversation makes a sound of 60 decibels
you start to take permanent hearing damage around 90 decibels