Suggestions: Pollution and radiation+

CDDA is supposed to be post-nuclear, alien-dimension-mutant-zombie invasion survival game.

But I’m not sure what does a Geiger counter do in the game. Or gas masks and hazmat suits.

And water is so abundant it’s almost funny.

Where are polluted rivers, swamps, ponds and sewage that spawn forth mutated slime and other filth?

Where are large irradiated areas that spell doom? Where are the destroyed nuclear reactors (also solar farms?) that hold untold treasures protected by special mutants, automated defense systems and heavy radiation that will burn your skin away?

Where is acid rain, corrosive fog or normal fog for that matter? Silent Hill experience anyone?

Where is nuclear winter and forecasts of volcanic dust fall that burns your lungs, which you have to brush off of your crops if you don’t want them to die?

There are traveling forests in the game. How hard would it be to code in a tornado or an earthquake? Or a volcano/magical/alien structure that produces a thick cloud of toxic gas that turns day into a deadly night within an area?

Anyone liking any of these?

Acid rain already exisits. Same as polluted water, sewage, nuclear plants, large irradiated areas beyond just craters, slime pits, areas of extremely high radiation.

Nuclear winter could be added as a weather type, that would be !!fun!!.

Really? How come I have never seen ANY of those things after hundreds of hours of playing? I know there are sewers but I meant overland sewage spills specifically. Guess should have mentioned that, eh!

I guess you could set starting season as winter and tick the eternal season option at world creation for that effect.
But I love seeing seasons change and I’m looking for something more like what’s achievable by editing the files to lower all average temperatures + irradiated dust angels and irradiated dust-men.

Actually, snow-angels and snow-men for joy increase would be cool. And icicles as weapons.

Probably you just haven’t run across them yet, tho you should have seen acid rain at least. I have a few thousand hours into the game and still have yet to find a necropolis.

acid rain was removed from the base game, it’s now in PK’s mod. this is due to varies reasons.

Geiger Counters will tell you if there’s any radiation in the area. Gas Masks give environmental protection to your mouth, making it so you’re protected against things like Tear Gas, the sedative gas that Police Bots give off, and most importantly, the smoke from Smoker Zombies and Toxic Gas from Bloated Zombies (that is also inside mines).

Hazmat/ANBC suits do this to, but they also protect against Radiation.

Irradiated Areas include but are not limited to: Craters that dot the overmap (supposedly when the bombs where dropped), Hazardous Wastes Sarcophagi and Military Outposts. Municipal Reactors also exist in the Bright Nights Mod. As for polluted rivers, I actually live in New England, and the only polluted river I’ve ever seen is the Aberjona, which is filled with Heavy Metals. I’m also a shut in, so, there’s probably more in MA.

You need to remember that this wasn’t a nuclear apocalypse. You’re thinking too much Fallout. You should be thinking of the show “Life After People” for a better idea of what Cataclysm (seems) to be built around. Humanity disappeared quickly enough that they left a lot of stuff behind.